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President’s Corner – January 2008

Dear Members:

As this new year begins my goals are simply to ask you to continue helping out wherever you can. We will need someone to chair the fellowship and historic committees. Also, a publicity chair would be wonderful. I am always open to your advice on ideas for programs. One way each member can help is to complete the membership page and return   as early as possible.

Let us unite in this effort.  Trudi K.

Installation…Jan 6
   First meeting for 2008
       NEW OFFICERS     
Pres.: Trudi Kurisko 
V P; MaryLou Zdanovich
Treas: Amelia Szewcynski
Rec.Sec.: Rosemarie Shilcusky
Corr. Sec: Wanda Eaton
Sgt. At Arms: Jos. Zdanovich

Robert Kurisko
Edward Jagadowski
Helena Hall
George Hart
Vikki Takki
Ann Kane
Joan Mitrowski
Alan Hall
Dues is  $15.00
Sto Lat to : Marsha Topor, Walter Juszczyk, Mary Embry, Bea Banas, Jean  Risley,  Joseph Zdanoviich and Stephanie Warden.   Happy Anniversary to the Biela’s, Henry and Bernadette.

Member Vikki Takki is mending well at Epoch of Harwich. &  Hopes to be home soon.
Dues must be paid at the January or  February meeting or by mail as directed on the next page. Anyone not paid by Feb.3 will not be included in the club roster.

News Flash !!!
For our Jan.6 meeting we members are asked to bring desserts only.
The main luncheon will be catered……….

Christmas party was a beautiful event planned by Beverly J. and Joan M. The candy place gifts and the Kolendy singers led by Wanda E. and Richard  S. were a big hit  as were the oplatek and gifts.

Five who made a difference:
We begin this New Year by thanking five ladies who worked above and beyond the call of duty to make our club successful last year.: Beverly Jagadowski,
Joan Mitrowski,
Ann Kane and
Genevieve Majka.
Rosemarie Shilcusky