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President’s Corner May 2008

Board of Directors and Scholarship Committee will meet on  Tuesday, April 29.2008 at 2:30 p.m. in the Brewster Library, rear ground floor meeting room. I am sorry to see Beverly Jagadowski leave her position but I must say she has done a marvelous job and deserves a rest .When we see a flock of geese overhead, they are in the V formation for a reason. At the point of the V it is much harder to fly , so the geese take turns leading by moving up into that position to give the leader a rest . Beverly deserves a rest, and one or more of has got to move up to take leadership of the kitchen. Is that person you? Again, I must thank Alan and John for all that they do to make the club run smoothly. And I ask all our members to remember Stacia Franciosi and Wanda Eaton  and Jean Risley who are recuperating from long bouts of sickness. Remember especially Evelyn Dziubek who has returned to the Lord. She will be missed by many. We have some busy times ahead. Let us take these opportunities to enjoy each other’s company and to be proud of our Polish heritage .Kudos to Genevieve Majka for winning the Easter Parade contest. And to all who entered who were such good sports. I think we made a little history here having two brand new members judge the contest..thanks to Edward and Elenore Hendlowitch. And welcome.

May the Risen Lord Bless All of us.

        Trudi Kurisko