Scholarship Winners for 2008

Essayists 2008

Anna Swierczk Gayer ,  the granddaughter of Richard Swierczk, mentioned in her essay that as a child she did not like having the middle name of Swierczek when her friends had  middle names like Elizabeth and Anne. Anna came from the second of 6 Swierczek girls. With no male to carry on the Swierczk name, her mother Celia gave her daughter the middle name of Swierczk. Anna has one brother Jack. After traveling in Europe last  summer she is proud to have the middle name of Swierczk. She will attend Leslie College and we wish her well in her studies.


Michael Harrington , the grandson of  George and Josephine Hart,  will be attending Wheaton College and in his essay he says this: my Mom and my grandmother have passed on the many Polish traditions . It is in our blood. Whenever a polka music is played my brothers and I get Mom out on the dance floor and she stills counts “One, two three” and away we go. I am thankful that my family has taught me to look out for those in need. I would be honored to be the recipient of this Polish Society Scholarship.


Janusz Sulanowski will attend Vassar College. In his essay he tells us that he was adopted from Poland at a young age. He was born in Warsaw during the Communist Regime and had the great good fortune to be adopted by a couple who were also first generation Poles. As a family he has visited Poland several times  and mentioned that when he heard the strains of the Heynal echoing in Krakow he was reminded of the immense age and grandeur of  Krakow. He is a math honor student, a musician, and has worked with several charitable organizations to raise money for cancer research and literacy.and he is on the National Honor Society.


Scholarship History

The Polish Society of Cape Cod and the Islands  awarded its first college scholarship of $100.00 dollars in 1980 to Sally Ann Linowski.  Sally tells us her scholarship paid for most of her books twenty eight years ago. She was a graduate of Dennis -Yarmouth High School and she remembers well that Mr. Cahoon and Miss Luccoutts were teachers who inspired her and taught her how to write well.

She is now  Dr. Sally Ann Linowski   who graduated from University of New Hampshire in 1984 with a degree in health administration and then went on to get a doctorate from the University of Massachusetts in 1993. She was the founder and director of the center for alcohol and other drug abuse programs.


Today she travels the world as a consultant to the U.S. Department of Education for safe drug-free schools. She was one of 11 who just received the Chancellors Citation for Outstanding Services to U Mass. She is the daughter of Walter and Marie Linowski and the niece of  Mary Embree  who is one of our founding members.



























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