Monthly Archives: October 2008

President’s Corner October 2008

I am pleased that we have a guest speaker for our October meeting thanks to Genevieve Majka, past-president. Elizabeth Gawron, CEO of the Cape Cod Foundation, will be our guest speaker. There will be a very short board meeting about 15 minutes before the regular meeting. As the color changes in our foliage we should all be aware that CHANGE is a CONSTANT. Things that don’t change are dead. So with our Polish society change must take place. Next month we will vote for a new set of officers as will the whole country vote for a new set of leaders. Each of us should think seriously about the people we want to lead us in both elections. And some of us should think about stepping forth and filling the position of hostessing the meeting’s social hour. Listen to your heart before you say NO. Looking forward to seeing all on Sunday,Oct.5th.

Thank you all for your cooperation this year.     TRUDI