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This is Heritage Month and we honor Kosciuszko.

Our August Picnic was a huge success.

  • The prizes were donated by MaryLou Zdanovich.
  • Thanks for all the good food you brought and for the two teenagers who helped and for the cooks.
  • Jean’s Beans were a hit!
  • Seeing Ed Jagodowski out and about was special.
  • The polka music set the tone and a few dared to dance.
  • Weather was perfect and everyone helped.
  • Family with most attendees was Irene Conrad’s,
  • Our little red head from France brightened the pavilion.
  • If we are fortunate to get this to you before August 23, know that there will be an 11 a.m. mass and reception forFather Marek at Holy Trinity in Harwich.
  • Linda Mitrowski  did all our mailing labels. Dziekuje.

The U.S. Military Academy in West Point, N.Y., has just been ranked the top university in Forbes magazine’s newest list of America’s best Universities. Thaddeus Kosciuszko – who persuaded Thomas Jefferson to establish the school – would be proud.

Today, a towering statue of Kosciuszko overlooks the campus at the United States Military Academy. Kosciuszko was the Polish engineer whose plans for West Point were nearly sold to the British by the traitor Benedict Arnold.  After attending military academies in Warsaw, Poland and Paris, France, Kosciuszko was put in charge of building forts for the Continental Army by Benjamin Franklin and John Hancock. 

George Washington put Kosciuszko in charge of designing Fortress West Point after the Pole’s strategy to use the high ground at Bemis Heights became the deciding factor in the Battle of Saratoga, the turning point in the American Revolution.

Kosciuszko also gave Jefferson $17,000 and instructed him to use the money to buy slaves and free them.  The Polish rebel also stood up for the rights of serfs, Jews, Native Americans and disenfranchised people.