Monthly Archives: October 2011

Meeting at the West Dennis Graded School

Tag Sale: Members who will work at the tag sale will meet at 8:00 a.m. on Sunday, September 4 to set up for the sale. ( If you want to work at the tag sale, you will be there to take part in the readiness.) The sale will run from 9-2p.m. and coffee and donuts and lunch sandwiches will be supplied for the workers. President Beverly Zagodowski will try to get into the hall the day before to set up the tables. PLEASE LOOK AROUND YOUR HOUSE….THERE MUST BE SOME ITEMS YOU CAN SAY GOODBYE TO…If you need pickup of your items you can call Beverly.. Or take your items to her. WE ARE NOT HAVING A BAKE SALE; JUST A TAG SALE.

Even though it rained we had 41 people at the picnic. Renee Hobbs came with games and a sing-along contest that was well sung by all. MaryLou Zdanovich prepared sand pails filled with “goodies” and Wanda got a birthday cake!

Remember all those at home alone who bravely meet the new day.

Helena Hall passed away on 8/1/2011 after a long battle with cancer. She served as our president in 2010 and resigned only when her treatments pre-vented her from continu-ing in office. She was an inspiration to all of us, and lifted our spirits with her ever-friendly smile. Her courage gave many of us the courage to face our own battles. Thank you, Helena, for your in-spiration. Rest in peace.

Former Preseident Edmund Jagodowski is concerned about the closing of Mater Dolorosa Church in Holy-oke. Member Henry Dziok is on a committee to appeal the closing. The September Issue of the Journal will fea-ture Editor Mark Kohan’s article on the closing and its impact. If you wish to help in this appeal write to the Edi-tor Kohan or Henry Dziok. These closings may not all be necessary.