This is Heritage Month and we honor Kosciuszko.

Our August Picnic was a huge success.

  • The prizes were donated by MaryLou Zdanovich.
  • Thanks for all the good food you brought and for the two teenagers who helped and for the cooks.
  • Jean’s Beans were a hit!
  • Seeing Ed Jagodowski out and about was special.
  • The polka music set the tone and a few dared to dance.
  • Weather was perfect and everyone helped.
  • Family with most attendees was Irene Conrad’s,
  • Our little red head from France brightened the pavilion.
  • If we are fortunate to get this to you before August 23, know that there will be an 11 a.m. mass and reception forFather Marek at Holy Trinity in Harwich.
  • Linda Mitrowski  did all our mailing labels. Dziekuje.

The U.S. Military Academy in West Point, N.Y., has just been ranked the top university in Forbes magazine’s newest list of America’s best Universities. Thaddeus Kosciuszko – who persuaded Thomas Jefferson to establish the school – would be proud.

Today, a towering statue of Kosciuszko overlooks the campus at the United States Military Academy. Kosciuszko was the Polish engineer whose plans for West Point were nearly sold to the British by the traitor Benedict Arnold.  After attending military academies in Warsaw, Poland and Paris, France, Kosciuszko was put in charge of building forts for the Continental Army by Benjamin Franklin and John Hancock. 

George Washington put Kosciuszko in charge of designing Fortress West Point after the Pole’s strategy to use the high ground at Bemis Heights became the deciding factor in the Battle of Saratoga, the turning point in the American Revolution.

Kosciuszko also gave Jefferson $17,000 and instructed him to use the money to buy slaves and free them.  The Polish rebel also stood up for the rights of serfs, Jews, Native Americans and disenfranchised people.


June 2009

Board of Directors meet at 12:30 at the West Dennis Graded School JUNE 7, 2009
The Scholarship Committee and the Board of Directors met on May 7, 2009 to select the recipients of this year’s three $500 scholarships. The students selected include the granddaughter of society member Richard Swierczek., Abigail McGillen of Harwich. Thanks to Ann Kane and Irene Conrad for their work on this project.

VIKKI TAKKI: In Memoriam
Vikki was one of the very earliest members of the Polish Society of Cape Cod and the Islands. She served as president in 2002-2003 and was always on top of all that was happening in the various multicultural groups on the cape. She represented us with the International Night Gala for many years . She could reach back in time and tell how things were done at any given meeting. And her presence was always noted as she wore her Polish costume with great ease and pride. She is survived by three sons , Larry, Andrew and Richard and two grandchildren , Brendan and Colman Burns-Takki and a sister, Francis Fortin and several nieces and nephews. May she rest in peace, a grand daughter of Polonia.

Diversity Day at Cape Cod Academy
Virginia Walsh and Rosemarie Shilcusky attended the Diversity Day at Cape Cod Academy in Osterville. Their display of Polish Artifacts was well received.

Up Coming Events:

  •  Keep the September Tag Sale in Mind. Beverly will have more info. Saturday, May 30 at 3:30, Polish Puppet Show at the West Barnstable Community Center
  • Remember Genevieve Mlynarski, Joan Minka, Maryann Tramutola , Lydia Dobek, Lori Phelan Swan and Edmund Jagodowski and Walter Juszczyk who are recuperating .
  • Let’s look ahead: We will be asking you to sign up for items needed for the August picnic. We will then solidify the list at the July meeting and be ready for the Gray’s Landing Picnic by the sea on August 3.
  • We will have a graduation cake… bring small sandwiches and fruit for our repast this meeting.

April 30 – Polish Puppet Show
West Barnstable Community Center at 3:30 p.m.

May 3 – Constitution Day
Dinner at Riverway Lobster House at noon. Call Joan at 508-385-2706 for reservations. $20.00 Mass and Lunch

May 9 – Ellis Island Trip
Call for information 508-457-7461 – $89.00

May 9 – Cape Cod Academy International Day
Virginia Walsh will display Polish artifacts

May 10 – Mothers’ Day

June 7 – Scholarships Awarded

July 6 – A puzzling event

Plan for a bake and tag sale in September. Your junk will be someone else’s treasure. Collect jewelry, household items, tools, odds and ends.

Your cooperation made the Easter Dinner a great success. When we work together we get good results.

Lydia Dobek, Edmund Jagodowski, and Walter Juszczyk are recuperating at home.

A teacher willing to teach Polish language to adults is available through the Polish Language School that meets in Barnstable……call Julie Estives  508-428-4185

Did you know?
There are 35 consonants and 7 vowels in Polish; 16 consonants and 5 vowels in English.  Most Polish people are Roman Catholic.  Poles introduced Easter Eggs to American children.

Wszystkiego Najlepszego Z Okazji Dnia Mamy

Kosciuszko Foundation Offers $1,000 Prize for World War II Essay

A $1,000 prize will be awarded for the best essay written by an American student between the ages of 18 and 22 on the worldwide significance of the 1939 invasion of Poland.

Students are encouraged to study and comment about the events of 1939 that changed the lives of their parents or grandparents. Many of these Polish-American students were born in America because their forefathers were refugees from a horrible war waged on humanity by the Nazi dictator of Germany, Adolf Hitler, and the dictator of the Soviet Union, Josef Stalin.

World War II was the deadliest war in history.  Approximately 6 million Jews were murdered during the Holocaust by the German SS Einsatzgruppen commandos and in German Nazi concentration camps. Some estimates tell us that 70 million soldiers and civilians were killed during the reign of terror begun by Hitler and Stalin. After the war the map of Europe was redrawn and millions of refugees were forced from their homes.

Please analyze the Nazi-Soviet attack on Poland in September 1939 by addressing the following issues:
• The Nazi propaganda war against Poland
• Gleiwitz Provocation
• German attack on Poland on September 1, 1939
• Soviet propaganda against Poland and attack on Poland on September 17, 1939
• Political objectives of both attacks
• The impact  of the coordinated Nazi-Soviet attack on Poland on the international community

The essay shall: 
• Reflect the writer’s own research and original thinking
• Not  exceed 10 typed pages (excluding bibliography)
• Be typed in 12 point font, double-spaced with 1” margins
• Have numbered pages

Deadline is July 1, 2009 – results will be announced by September 1, 2009.  A copy of a valid document showing date of birth is acceptable as proof of age.

Attach kosciuszko-application-2009 and proof of age to the essay and mail to:

 2009 Historical Essay Contest
 The Kosciuszko Foundation, Inc.
 15 East 65th Street
 New York 10065

March 2009 Newsletter

Sure ‘tis March again! St. Patrick and St. Joseph call on us for the wearin’ of the green and the red.

Our club is growing with new members, eleven since last year. LENT has begun and we are preparing for our Easter celebration dinner on Sunday, April 5. You will be reminded of your contribution to the dinner by postcard or phone or e-mail.

On Saturday, March 7 you are all invited to participate in the FREE festivities at Cape Cod Community College from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.. There will be cultural displays, music and dance in the auditorium and food sampling in the cafeteria. Our society will be represented and we will be looking for you to say Dzien Dobry. Our own Helena Hall will carry the Polish flag in the Parade of Flags.

We have been invited to participate in an international day at Cape Cod Academy, However it falls on May 9th, the day of the Ellis Island trip, and the members who usually make the presentation will be away on that trip. Is there someone who would be wiling to take our display and present it at Cape Cod Academy? Please let President Trudi know as soon as possible.

You can make your own Ellis Island reservation by calling:
Diane’s Getaways at 508-457-7461.May 9th is the day of this one day excursion.

Membership Dues are Due

MEMBERSHIP DUES: STILL ONLY $15.00 PER PERSON….PLEASE PAY BY February 15 so that your name can be included in our roster.

· Joan Minka and Joan Mitrowski are to be commended for their party plans for our December meeting. The table settings were lovely and we shared the oplatek. Ann Kane gave us a copy of the story of a forthcoming movie about the Maltz family. Santa Mitch Dobek distributed some polka discs. Marylou modeled her holiday hat A good time was had by all.

· Beverly Jagodowski has accepted the Fellowship chair.

· Mary Embree is recovering at Mayflower Rehab Center after a recent hospitalization.

· Trudi and Genevieve Majka attended another meeting for the CCCC Multicultural Event. This year we would like to see more members there on March 7.

· Is there a member who will translate Polish to English written correspondence ? We have had an inquiry about this.

· Rosemarie, Renee and Steven Shilcusky thank all of you for your messages of condolence .

· Make a new year’s resolution to reach out to those in need, to share your bounty with others.


From President Trudi:
Kitchen and Fellowship need volunteers to step forward.. Cards and stamps are provided for the fellowship chair. A few minutes a month and you have done a great service. Will you help by giving us topics you would like for next year? What do you enjoy?

Joan Minka, Christmas Dinner Chairlady has announced:

  • December 7th, 2008 cocktails at 12 noon, dinner at 12:30
  • Ardeo’s Grill located in King’s Way, Route 6A Yarmouthport
  • Prime Rib, Chicken, or Fish…..$25.00

There will be a $1.00 grab bag so use your imagination!

Checks can be mailed to:

Joan Mitrowski
PO box 46
Dennis, MA 02638

Your ticket will await you at the dinner. Be sure to name the dinner of your choice.

Fellowship Chairlady Josephine Hart and board member George have moved to their new home. We thank them for their service to the club. New address: 794 Sherman Farm Road, Harrisville, Rhode Island 02830.

Robert Kurisko will conduct the election of officers for 2009

What will one dollar buy in today’s economy? 100 pennies, 10 dimes, 20 nickels, 4 quarters or two half dollars bought more when we were young. It will be a test of your ingenuity to spend only one dollar for the Christmas grab bag. GOOD LUCK!