Polish Constitution Day

Polish Constitution Day – May 3, 1791

We are celebrating the 217th anniversary of the Polish Constitution. It was the second written constitution in the world; the U.S. Constitution was the first. Sadly, until the 1990’s the Poles did not enjoy the benefits of a democratic republic.

“We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal.”

These are the words of Wawrzyniec Goslicki, a Polish philosopher whose writings were to be found in Thomas Jefferson’s library. 

These are also the words that begin the second paragraph of the American Declaration of Independence written in 1787.

We should not be surprised that America and Poland have had a common devotion to liberty and freedom. In 1962, John Kennedy said, “Poles have never wavered in their belief that freedom would triumph in the end.” And it did.


Polish National Anthem
With English phonetic spellings
(translated phonetically by two wise ladies)

Jeszcze       Polska     niw        zginela             Kiedy      my   zyjemy  
Yes-chair   poll-scar   nyehz   gee -neh -wah  Keh-di     mi   zhe -yem-mi

Co   nam    obca      przemoc   wziela               Szabla   odbierzemy
Saw-numb  ob-kah   presz-moc   vee-ezh-la    Zah-bla  ode-byeh-zhe- mi

Marsz  Marsz   Dabrowski      Z ziemi            wloskiej  do         Polski         
Marsz   Marsz   Dabrowski  Zhe-zhem-mi  vohl-skay-door   Pol-ski

Za    twoim    przewodem          Zlaczym     sie      z narodem
Zah  toy-em  prez -voh-them    Zla-chem  sheh   jzna-road-them

Poland is a Republic.
Its capital is Warsaw.
President is Lech Kaczynski.
Prime Minister is Donald Tusk.
The US Ambassador to Poland is Victor Ashe. Professor Bronislaw Geremek has died this month, He played a central role in the events that brought freedom to Poland. May He Rest In Peace


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