English Expression – Good morning
Polish Translation – Dzien dobry
Sounds Like – dzehn dobri

English Expression – Good afternoon
Polish Translation – Dobry wieczor
Sounds Like – dobri vyehchoor

English Expression – Dood Night
Polish Translation – Dobranoc
Sounds Like – dobrahnotz

English Expression -Goodbye
Polish Translation -Do widzenia
Sounds Like -do veedzehnah

English Expression -It’s nice to meet you
Polish Translation -Milo mi
Sounds Like -meewo mee

English Expression -See you later
Polish Translation -Do zobaczenia
Sounds Like -do sobahchehnah

English Expression -How do you do
Polish Translation -Jak sie masz
Sounds Like -yahk syeh mahsh

English Expression -Thank you
Polish Translation -Dziekuje
Sounds Like -dzhehnkooyeh


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